Empower your truck with solar energy

A more sustainable way of transportation, a better service for your customers.

Lower fuel consumption

The SolarOnTop supplies the truck with green electricity from the solar panels. When driving, a lower load on the engine lowers fuel consumption. Additionally, it becomes unnecessary to idle to generate electricity.

Potential savings: 5,5%

Sustainable logistics

By installing the SolarOnTop on vehicles, transportation companies can offer their customers a cleaner and more reliable service. Both companies and truck drivers benefit from the green effect of the SolarOnTop.

Customer satisfaction:

Fast break-even period

The break-even period for the investment in the SolarOnTop depends on the specific user case. In general, the SolarOnTop has a break-even period of less than 3 years, after which the technology operates at a profit.

Break-even period: < 3 years

Electricity in trucks is expensive

Electricity is an important aspect of today's trucks. Heavy-duty vehicles consume a large amount of electricity, which is generated by the alternator. This is a very inefficient proces while driving the truck, which becomes even worse when the truck is idling.

What are the issues of generating electricity with the truck?

Improving heavy-duty vehicles with solar energy

Thanks to innovative technologies, it has become possible to meet the electricity demand of heavy-duty vehicles with onboard clean energy. Truck are driving around and have a mobile need for electricity. Thanks to flexible and lightweight solar panels, we can leverage the power of the sun while driving!

The SolarOnTop is a photovoltaic system that is installed on semi-trailers. With the technology these trailers become mobile solar parks, reducing more costs and emissions than solar panels that are connected to the grid. There is a clear business case to implement the SolarOnTop in your vehicle fleet: the break-even period is less than three years and offers a solution to significantly reduce fuel consumption.

Lower fuel consumption
Decreased load on the engine and less idling times, together saving up to 5,5% fuel in total.

Easy installation procedure where the electrical wiring of truck and trailer are left intact.

Plug & Play
Both new and existing vehicles are compatible with the SolarOnTop.

Prolonged battery life
Thanks to the intelligent charging methods of the SolarOnTop, truck battery life is longer.

Extra devices charged
The SolarOnTop can be used to charge additional devices, such as liftgates and pallet jacks.

Controlled via the cloud
Intelligent cloud communication gives the owner a clear overview of the SolarOnTop performance.

What can SolarOnTop do for you?

Implementing solar energy in your vehicle fleet can energize your business:

  • Better and more sustainable logistics service
  • Reduction of costs and risks
  • Responsible and financially attractive investment

At IM Efficiency we highly value collaborating with the industry. That means we understand in how different ways transportation companies can deploy their vehicles. The performance of the SolarOnTop depends on the specific user case at your organization.

If you want to learn more about the potential of solar energy for your heavy-duty vehicles, get in touch with us through our website. The IM Efficiency team members are looking forward to make acquaintance with your organization and to configure the SolarOnTop to your needs.

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